Thursday, 1st June 2017

5 Steps to Having a Good Funeral

Planning a funeral for a loved one at a time when you are already stressed and upset can be a daunting task. If the deceased hasn’t left any instructions for the type of sendoff they would prefer, then you are often left feeling lost and unsure where to start. We assist clients facing this situation on a daily basis and want to offer our advice when it comes to 5 simple steps to ensuring you arrange a good funeral.
1) The Funeral Provider
It is important to find the right funeral provider for your needs. It’s great if you can get some recommendations from friends and families who have previously been in your situation. When selecting the right provider you need to consider their services and their costs. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions before making your decision. It’s also important to consider their location, as you may be required to make several visits to the funeral provider before and after the funeral.
2) Cars
Funeral providers can arrange cars to transport close family and friends to and from the funeral service. It is important to know who will be included in these cars. It also helps to communicate to everyone which car they will ride in ahead of the day. Depending on the type of funeral you are planning, you may want something a little unusual included in the transport arrangements – a horse and cart, motorbike and side car, tractor and trailer…. There are lots of options that form part of a fitting sendoff. Personalised funerals are becoming more popular and your funeral provider should be able to give you information or recommend some alternatives.
3) Flowers… or not.
Whilst floral tributes can be a beautiful part of any funeral, they are costly and with flowers often sent by mourners, there can often be an excessive amount on the day. Many people now leave instructions in their will regarding a chosen charity to make donations to instead of sending flowers. Or you may know of a charity that your loved one would have approved of. It is important to communicate your decision to avoid flowers arriving if you prefer a donation. It is also acceptable to mention the chosen charity in the order of service, should other mourners wish to make a donation too.
4) Order of Service
Your funeral provider should be able to assist you with the planning and printing of an order of service. Or you may wish to use a printer of your own. Feel free to compare prices before making your decision. The order of service will include details about the service and may list the words of any readings or poems to be read aloud. You can also include a few words about the deceased and a selection of pictures too. Your funeral provider should be able to show you examples to help you plan what’s included, but remember that you can include whatever you see fit. It’s OK to go for something a little bit unusual.
5) The Coffin
As your loved one’s final resting place and the focus of the funeral, it is important to choose a coffin that is in keeping with their wishes. There are more options available now than ever before including traditional wooden caskets, cardboard coffins, banana leaf, wicker coffins and many more. You funeral provider should be able to discuss your options with you, but it is sensible to do your own research too. Personalised coffins are becoming more and more popular as a pictorial tribute often chosen to celebrate life.

We hope that our tips and advice help you to organise a fitting farewell that you can remember fondly.
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