seven stages of grief
Thursday, 8th June 2017

7 Stages of Grief

Operating within the funeral sector, providing cardboard coffins to those who have recently lost a loved one, exposes our team to clients who are suffering from the various stages of grief. Our team is sensitive to the needs of our clients and understands the difficult and emotional time they are facing.

Here at Greenfield Coffins we treat the customer support and service side of our business as a priority. We assist and guide our clients in the best possible way, understanding that they are facing decisions, often without any instructions having been left by the deceased.

We therefore wanted to share with you some information regarding the 7 stages of grief, in the hope of providing a little comfort and insight.

The 7 stages of grief are said to be:

Shock & Denial

Pain & Guilt

Anger & Bargaining

Depression, Reflection & Loneliness

The Upward Turn

Reconstruction & Working Through

Acceptance & Hope

Each stage poses its own challenges and combined they create an emotional rollercoaster. Death of the elderly when expected is tough enough to deal with, but our clients are often faced with a loss that has been a total shock or the loss of a younger person.

With the organisation of the coffin and funeral usually taking place within a week or two of the passing, we tend to see our clients facing the shock and denial phase of their grief journey. Our staff are therefore trained to help our clients in the most sensitive and appropriate way, guiding them through their decision at their own pace.

If you find yourself faced with having to choose a coffin for a loved one and are unsure if a cardboard pictorial coffin is the right choice, then talk to our team and be assured they are here to help make the best possible decision. Our on-line coffin designer facility also enables you to spend time with friends and family, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, deciding on the most appropriate and fitting coffin design.

For design inspiration, visit our website, but remember we can print ANY decision you desire.


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