Wednesday, 10th January 2018

The best ways to make a funeral personal without breaking the budget

A funeral is a very personal occasion and something that should reflect the life and loves of the deceased. Adding personal touches needn’t be expensive. There are plenty of ways to make a funeral personal, memorable and touching without breaking the bank. We’ve listed a few ideas here for your consideration.


Displaying photographs and other memorabilia inside the church, crematorium or as part of the wake is a comforting way for mourners to gain more of an insight into the deceased’s life.  You could create a photo board or simply display various pictures around the room enabling people to view and discuss them. Photographs are a great way to evoke memories and create talking points, and are one of the most personal ways to remember lost loved ones.

Say it with Words

Choosing poems, readings, songs, hymns, or eulogies to be an important part of a final farewell is a cost free way to make a funeral service incredibly personal. Personally written readings, poems or eulogies, delivered by friends and family members will give mourners the chance to learn more about the deceased’s life and share in fond memories too.

Colours and Symbols

Asking mourners to wear one item of clothing in the deceased’s favourite colour or embrace a symbol that meant a lot to them is another cost-free way to personalise the final farewell. Maybe the deceased was cared for by a charitable organisation that has a recognisable symbol. Asking people to support the charity by wearing wristbands, pins or a certain colour can help to raise awareness, funds and personalise the occasion.

Personalised Cardboard Coffins

Pictorial cardboard coffins are a popular way to depict the deceased’s life and loves, using a bespoke design to add a unique and personal touch. Whether you choose to use photographs or a specific design, making the focal point of the funeral service so personal can be heartwarming for friends and family. Pictorial cardboard coffins are more environmentally friendly and cost effective than traditional wooden coffins, enabling a beautiful personalised touch that won’t break the budget.

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