Saturday, 20th January 2018

How can a Funeral help with the Grieving Process?

When faced with the loss of a loved one it can be hard to see past the situation that you are in and being consumed with grief can feel totally overwhelming. It is however, often the case that the process of planning a funeral or simply attending the funeral as a mourner, can ease the grieving process, providing comfort and peace when you need it most.

If you’re involved with making funeral arrangements for the deceased, you may be following their instructions and wishes or using your own knowledge to plan the most fitting sendoff. Either way, thinking about what best suits your loved one or appreciating their choices can be therapeutic. The time taken to think about their loves, likes and preferences may evoke memories of happy times – reflecting on their life and achievements can provide great comfort.

The eulogies and tributes that usually form part of the funeral service may include information about the deceased that people were not aware of. Those that have written the tributes may include funny stories that can make people laugh even during a time of sadness. Focusing on the life of the deceased rather than the tragedy of the loss can help to ease the grieving process.

Funerals can be a celebration of life as well as time to say goodbye. Cardboard pictorial coffins are becoming a popular way to depict someone’s life in pictures and design. Music also forms an important part of any funeral service and favourite songs or hymns can remind mourners of times spent with their late friend or family member. Music has a way of triggering memories and emotions.

There is often quite a wait between the death of a loved one and the funeral service, allowing you to experience certain stages of grief before the final goodbye. That final farewell can therefore provide a feeling of closure and help you to move forward through the grieving process.

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