Cardboard Coffins - The Environmentally Friendlier Alternative
Friday, 16th October 2015

Cardboard | Environmentally Friendlier Option

There are so many things to consider whether you are planning ahead and leaving instructions for your own funeral or handling the arrangements of a recently departed loved one. Planning a final goodbye naturally puts pressure on all involved.

The funeral industry has evolved a lot over recent years, now offering a wider choice of products and arrangements. The selection of coffins currently available has increased dramatically and environmentally friendlier products are becoming more and more popular.

The eco-benefits and cost benefits are just two of the advantages of opting for an environmentally friendlier coffin. With the added option of personalising a cardboard coffin many people are selecting this alternative to help say goodbye, but also to celebrate the life of a close friend or family member.

As a leading manufacturer of cardboard coffins, Greenfield Coffins has been producing eco-friendlier cardboard coffins since 1990. In fact, it was a cardboard coffin designed and created by us that was used in the episode of Hayley Cropper’s funeral on ITV’s Coronation Street. Millions tuned in to watch Hayley’s farewell and the positive response to the beautifully designed coffin was incredible.

Our cardboard coffins are made from 75% recycled paper, yet are incredibly strong. The design options are endless and a bespoke design is a wonderful way to celebrate someone’s life in pictures. We can even use pictures provided by you to design the coffin.

Why not take a moment to view some of the designs available on our website at

If we can help answer any questions at this difficult time, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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