Thursday, 6th July 2017

Cost Effective Funeral Tips

We all appreciate that funerals can be daunting to organise, especially when the loved ones that are making all the arrangements are grieving for the deceased. We also know that funerals can be costly, and as with many occasions that mark important times in life and death, it’s hard to know where to start, and where to stop. Costs can escalate and easily become out of control.

Therefore, we thought it would be useful to compile some handy hints and tips on ways that you can save money, yet still provide a fitting and memorable send off for your loved one.

First you need to consider the type of funeral you want to arrange and what would be most suitable. You then need to think about how many people are likely to attend.

Some people prefer to limit part of the funeral to just close friends and family. This could be the service, the burial / cremation, or even the wake. By limiting one aspect of the funeral to smaller numbers you are naturally allowing yourself to save costs when it comes to things like the printing of the order of service, or catering arrangements in the case of the wake.

Whilst many people may wish to pay their respects, no one should be offended if you request only close friends and family attend specific parts of the funeral. You may also find this affords you more time to reflect and reminisce with those closest, which can be of huge comfort, rather than only getting minimal time with a larger number of guests.

If you are holding a wake before or after the funeral service, it is important to consider where and when you would like the wake to take place. Hiring a venue can be costly. If, for example, you hire a function venue or a pub, will you then be picking up the drinks tab too? It may be more cost effective to hold the wake in someone’s home, if possible. Even if you opt to use external caterers to reduce the pressure, you may still find this a more viable option than incurring venue and bar costs.

When it comes to the time of day, it’s worth considering that this could impact your catering costs too. For example, if your wake is in the middle of the afternoon, lunch or tea wouldn’t be required, but you could offer something like tea and cake. This catering option would be more appropriate to a mid-afternoon wake and also avoid any alcohol or excessive food costs.

When it comes to the type of coffin you choose, it is worth knowing that alternative eco-friendlier coffins are, in most cases, less expensive than traditional wooden coffins. Not only does this provide a great opportunity to save money, but also you are able to choose from thousands of designs or create a personal design of your own, by opting for a pictorial cardboard coffin. Find out more about the cost effective coffins provided by Greenfield Coffins.

There is plenty more advice and guidance available on-line to help you arrange the right funeral at the right price. There are also a number of charities that can assist in extreme cases. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Friends, family and professional organisations / associations can give support and recommendations, plus the benefit of their expertise.

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