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Friday, 22nd June 2012

Eco Urns…

Annie from Eco Urns tells her story…

About 12 years ago I was offered a commission to make a personalised biodegradable urn. I’ve done a wide range of artwork in all sorts of materials so I love to do anything unusual that draws on my experience.

Subsequently I was touched to find that the urn had made a big difference to the funeral ritual. The seeds of the idea of providing this service for other people took quite a long time to germinate. . . .

I continue to make urns which are biodegradable in earth or water. Although they are made to be impermanent, as long as they are kept dry, they are stable. They can be kept until the decision is made to move on to the next stage of the natural process.

My inspiration comes from getting to know the personality and passions of the person who the urn is for through communication with their family and/or friends. It is deeply satisfying to share thoughts and ideas in order to create a special appropriate urn.

I have also developed some ways to facilitate DIY decorative customising. There are endless possibilities. Please contact me to explore them.


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