Family Led Funerals - Funeral Planning
Wednesday, 9th September 2015

Family Led Funerals – Funeral Planning

It is important to understand that there is no legal requirement to use the services of a Funeral Director when planning a funeral. Whilst they can provide a lot of support and assistance, if you would prefer to manage funeral arrangements yourself, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

A funeral is an important event and something that is incredibly personal. Whether the deceased left specific wishes or if loved ones are making all the decisions themselves, it’s important to ensure that every little detail is correct, to provide a fitting and memorable send-off.

With so many things to consider, including notifying guests, food and refreshments, flowers, a location for the wake, printing of the order of service and much more, the team at Greenfield Coffins can help to ease the load when it comes to deciding on the most appropriate coffin.

Our environmentally friendlier cardboard coffins provide a strong, sturdy yet personal way to say goodbye to a loved one. Our cardboard coffins can be printed with a bespoke design chosen by you, or a design selected from the hundreds of options that we offer.

Our understanding and experienced team are used to helping family and friends make the best decision during a difficult time. They can provide advice and support whether you’re creating your own design or choosing something from our portfolio.

The demand for environmentally friendlier products has increased dramatically over recent years and this applies to coffins too. The added benefit of being able to personalise a coffin appeals to many people – it’s a great way to highlight someone’s life, achievements and passions.

To find out more regarding our pictorial cardboard coffins, please contact us today.

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