Bookcase Coffin
Saturday, 28th November 2009

Is it a Bookcase or Coffin? (“Actually it’s both”)

When Barbara called Greenfield Creations she knew what coffin she wanted and had really thought out what design would be right for her. Barbara explained she had limited storage in her house but would still like a coffin ready. In this remarkable project Greenfield Creations made the coffin into a book case with shelves that could easily be taken out so it was functional for use in the house and at the same time ready for when the time came.

“I now have my books arranged in the coffin – bookcase and am delighted with the effect. Thank you for doing this unusual project for me, I really do appreciate it. I didn’t try taking the shelves out to change it into a coffin but I am sure the coffin will be fully functional for when the time comes.

Thank you again for your work and my very best wishes to you. Barbara Hin”

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