Natural Burials
Friday, 1st March 2013

Natural Burials – do you know about them?

Tracy O’Leary from Woodland Wishes, Natural Burials explains more…

On the outskirts of Cambridge lies a peaceful woodland burial ground, a beautiful final resting place. Unfortunately few are aware of this or indeed of the concept of natural burials in the area.

I only discovered this when I started promoting willow coffins for a local charity in Cambridge. Visiting burial grounds in England and listening to bereaved families wanting something special for a loved one gave me a surprising insight into alternative funerals.

I love the idea of a natural burial in a serene living environment rather than a gloomy churchyard or crematorium and I want to share this concept with friends, family and locals.

I’d like to raise awareness of the simplicity of ‘green’ burials without all the fuss, environmental damage and unwanted expense of mainstream funerals…Something simple, natural, personal and affordable.

Through helping families organise their loved ones farewell, I now find myself being called a ‘green burial arranger’ or ‘green burial lady’ rather than a traditional funeral director. I am both moved and privileged for a family to let me be part of something that is so special to them.

Woodland Wishes is independent, honest and ethical, set up to carry out simple burials in memorial landscapes, where memories there are not anchored in inscriptions on headstones but in and through the ‘natural’ world of butterflies, badgers and skylark’s song, bluebells and leaves falling from trees.

Woodland Wishes…using ‘earth friendly’ British coffins without the fuss and unwanted expense of traditional mainstream funerals.

Please give me a call if you would like more information on natural burials…

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