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Wednesday, 14th November 2012

November 2012 – Load Test 2012…

Test Performed:

Process 1 – Load test – 23 stone, 8.7lb (150kg)
Process 2 – Loaded coffin lift test – 23 stone 8.7lb (150kg)
Process 3 – Overload test – 49 Stone 8.9lb (315.2kg)

Report Summary:

The cardboard coffin was placed on a stand which represented the shoulders of four coffin bearers. The coffin was loaded with 23st, 8.7lb (150kg) of bagged gravel and the lid attached. A short lift was completed using the load bearing rope handles before leaving the coffin for three days.

After three days the coffin lid was removed and the coffin loaded until failure. The stand failed when the coffin was loaded with 49st, 8.9lb (315.2kg).

The coffin appeared to be unaffected by the load.

After a total weight of 49st, 8.9lb (315.2kg) has been placed into the coffin the stand started to fail and loading was stopped.

Small indentations had started to occur on the base of the coffin but the stand failed before any failure to the coffin structure had occured.

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