Panoramic view coffin
Thursday, 22nd July 2010

Panoramic view coffin

This casket has been designed for a weary traveller. Always fascinated by panoramic views she planned one day to make a patchwork quilt to reflect the beautiful countryside but has never got around to it. Ordered prior to need this cardboard coffin provided the perfect canvas for a collage. Using water based glue and her collection of fabrics; ploughed fields have been transformed into brown corduroy, fields of corn into gold felt and green towelling into meadows.  Hedgerows are depicted using fluffy wool and cut out felt animals, with a few daisies, decorate the fields. Woollen balls are used for solitary trees.

Between helping families arrange unique funerals at ARKA Original Funerals in Brighton, Jean, one of the team decorates personalised coffins. Her innovative ideas are endless and orders can be taken, but ideally long before there is a need.

For further information please contact:
Jean Francis
Tel: 01403 273754
E-mail: [email protected]

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