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Friday, 11th September 2015

Personalised Cardboard Coffins

To be able to make a loved one’s final resting place completely personalised to their beliefs, interests or something they were passionate about, really does pay tribute to them as an individual.

At Greenfield Coffins we provide many themes and options to help you depict a loved one’s wishes. If however you would rather create a coffin that is even more personal, we can help you design your very own pictorial tribute using images of your own.

Our on-line coffin designer gives you the option to work on the design you want in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Should you require assistance, our design team is on hand to work with you. Every member of the team is experienced when it comes to working with our clients during such a difficult time and will be understanding and considerate of your wishes.

Our designs include beautiful themes such as woodland scenes, sunsets and fields filled with bluebells. We also offer some more unusual themes such as dogs and cats, lorries, chocolate and even a traditional British telephone box.

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