Monday, 18th December 2017

How to talk to loved ones about your preferred funeral plans

Death and funerals aren’t subjects that people like to discuss. They can be difficult topics to broach, and yet both are inevitable for each and every one of us. So, if you want to communicate your preferred funeral plans with your loved ones, how should you go about it?

It is important; if you have specific preferences for your own send off, that you have discussed these with your nearest and dearest. It is also wise to have your preferences documented somewhere – either held with your Will, filed somewhere safe or left with someone who has permission to read your instructions in the event of your death.

If your preferred plans are ‘out of the ordinary’ it may be wise to discuss these with friends and family in advance, to explain your wishes and ensure they understand your plans. Whilst it is a difficult topic to bring up, you can choose the best way to approach this subject with your loved ones. Maybe private surroundings and a quiet moment would be best, or would your friends and family warm to a more lighthearted approach? You need to gauge how each individual will best cope with this tricky conversation. One size may not fit all.

From music to flowers, transport to readings and all the other arrangements that form part of the perfect send off – make sure your final farewell is exactly as you would want it to be.

Personalised, pictorial cardboard coffins are becoming more and more popular – not just because of their bespoke designs and beautiful appearance, but because of their cost and environmental benefits too. Maybe you’d like to choose a design, safe in the knowledge that you’ll be laid to rest in a coffin that fits your wishes precisely, or maybe you’d just like to specify a cardboard coffin, leaving the style and design to your family.

Whatever your preference, don’t leave it too late. It may be an awkward conversation but it is one that needs to take place. Once it’s been discussed, you needn’t worry any more.

To find out more about bespoke cardboard coffins, why not visit our website or contact one of our friendly team today.

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