The Bluebells in Ashridge
Tuesday, 14th August 2012

Bluebells in Ashridge

This coffin is in memory of Peter Onslow’s Mum.

Peter, from Hemel Hempstead, has spent most of his working life as a graphic designer and in the print industry. Peter produced all his own artwork for his Mums coffin and we transferred it to our own template for production.

The Inspiration…

Peter wanted an ‘alternative, non-religious’ ceremony and organised the whole funeral himself. Every year, without fail, Peter went to see the bluebells with his Mum and Harvey (the dog).

Family and friends attending the funeral were all invited to bring a single rose to be placed on the coffin. Everyone commented that the funeral really felt like a ‘celebration’ of his Mums life.

Peter has kindly allowed us to use his coffin design in the future and we have now added it to our range. Peter was given the opportunity to name the coffin and he has called it…’Bluebells in Ashridge’.

3693 – Bluebells in Ashridge

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