The Photograph
Thursday, 5th February 2015

The Photographer

When my husband’s brother passed away at Christmas we ordered a plain cardboard coffin from Greenfields and set about the task of creating a unique work of art for his final journey. He was a professional photographer, photo-journalist & author and we had access to many of his old black/white photos of family, travels and his work. We photocopied about 150 pictures using large ones around the sides and infilling with smaller ones to create a collage depicting his life. The lid was particularly good as we created a waterfall of smaller shots. We used non-solvent glue as advised by Will at Greenfields and in total it probably took about 20 hours. We enjoyed it immensely and feel proud to have done this last thing for him at home.

Pat Wadsworth 9/01/15

Greenfield coffins supply coffins for decoration at home.

3712 – Brown Economy or 3697 – White.


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