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Wednesday, 23rd September 2015

Considerations when buying Cardboard Coffins

Although cardboard coffins have been around for many years, and here at Greenfield Coffins we have been manufacturing our cardboard coffins for over 20 years, some people think they are quite a new product.

However, the truth is that cardboard coffins are a well-recognised option by funeral directors, crematoriums and burial sites. They have many benefits, but there are several things you should consider before making your purchase.

Firstly, ensure you are purchasing the coffin from a well-established, reputable supplier whose products are approved and certified. Our cardboard coffins have been tested by The Federation of British Cremation Authorities and also comply with the low emission levels set by the Government’s Environmental Act.

Secondly, many people opt for a cardboard coffin due to the environmental benefits. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a UK based supplier that uses materials sourced in the UK, therefore reducing the product’s carbon footprint even further. We manufacturer all our coffins in our UK based factory, only using UK sourced materials!

Ensure you’re able to opt for any design you wish, after all, celebrating someone’s life in images is a beautiful way to pay tribute to them. At Greenfield Coffins we have hundreds of designs you can choose from, or we can work with you to create totally bespoke design. We even provide an on-line design service where you can create your own coffin in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

There is a common misconception that cardboard coffins won’t be able to take much weight. However, our coffins can take up to a recommended maximum load of 25 stone (163kg).

When purchasing any product, it is sensible to investigate customer feedback. With something as important as a personalised coffin, we recommend you do take the time to see what other people thought of the supplier you’re considering. Please feel free to view our customer feedback at

If you have any questions, or we can put your mind at rest in any way, please contact a member of our team.

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