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Monday, 7th September 2015

What is an Eco-friendly Coffin made of?

With the demand for eco-friendly products and services on the rise, why should coffins be any different? Greenfield Coffins provides a high quality range of environmentally friendlier cardboard coffins, which can be printed with any bespoke design.

More and more people support an environmentally friendly lifestyle these days, doing what they can to preserve and protect the environment for future generations. If someone has chosen to follow that path in life, then why not honor those beliefs in death?

Our eco-friendly cardboard coffins are manufactured in our own premises in the UK, reducing our carbon footprint. They are made from recycled corrugated cardboard and cornstarch glues are used during construction. Calico liners and natural rope handles are also available.

Many people think that cardboard coffins simply won’t be strong enough to cope with significant weight. This couldn’t be further from the truth. All our coffins are independently load tested by a UKAS testing laboratory and come with a recommended load capacity of 26 stone, giving peace of mind that although they are not made from wood, they are perfectly safe and strong.

We are committed to operating our business and manufacturing our products with minimal impact on the environment. We responsibly recycle all our waste, choose our suppliers carefully, invest in energy saving equipment and continually try to improve our processes to further reduce our effect on the environment.

We are proud to offer such a high quality, yet cost effective and eco-friendly option to the funeral industry and directly to those who have lost a loved one. Our team is on hand to assist with any questions and will provide excellent service and support to help our customers during a difficult time.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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