Eco Friendly
Wednesday, 23rd September 2015

Go for the Eco-friendlier Coffin option

We live in an age when environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly important. If we’re striving to respect our planet during life, then should we not do the same in death?

Greenfield Coffins offers a wide range of cardboard that are far more environmentally friendly than traditional wooden coffins. As well as the environmental benefits, there are cost benefits to be considered too. We manufacture all our products in our own factory in the UK using recycled materials.

If the deceased was eco-conscious during their life, then would they not prefer to continue their beliefs at the end of their life too? Or, maybe the deceased left specific instructions for an eco-friendlier coffin? If you find yourself considering a cardboard coffin for a loved one, then it’s important that you choose the right supplier.

Greenfield Coffins has been creating cardboard coffins for over 20 years. We even designed and produced the cardboard coffin used for Hayley Cropper’s funeral on Coronation Street. Millions of people viewed this episode and the pictorial coffin was a perfectly fitting tribute to the character.

Our cardboard coffins can be supplied in a vast range of designs, from the simple and traditional to the more adventurous and outrageous. We are even able to work with images supplied by you to achieve a truly personal touch. Each individual coffin respectfully depicts the person’s life.

To find out more about the benefits of selecting an eco-friendlier coffin, contact us today.

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