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Monday, 21st September 2015

Why More People Are Choosing Cardboard

Cardboard coffins are becoming increasingly popular and many people are choosing this environmentally friendlier option over traditional wooden coffins. There are many reasons for this increase popularity.

As with most things, trends change and evolve over time. Funerals are no different. Nowadays many people are selecting cardboard coffins due to the ability to personalise them. This approach seems to be more about celebrating a life, as well as respectfully mourning a death.

Greenfield Coffins has been designing and manufacturing cardboard coffins for over 20 years. Many people think that cardboard coffins are a relatively new product, but we have been producing them in our UK factory for over two decades. We have the ability to produce colourful, crisp designs from our vast range of styles, or using images and designs provided by you.

When it comes to choosing a suitable design, the options are endless. We have received some wonderful requests over the years that really depict a person’s life and personality. Greenfield Coffin’s Managing Director said:

“There really is no better way to celebrate someone’s life than to show it in pictures. Our coffins enable grieving friends and family to focus on the life that someone led, even at the most difficult time. It’s fascinating to see the different designs and requests that we receive. One particular design that I will always remember was an Embassy Cigarette packet!”

Our team can work with you produce exactly what you envisage, or you can utilise our on-line coffin designer from the comfort and privacy of your own home with the support of friends and family. Our coffins are available in a traditional coffin shape, or casket shape, with variety of handle and nameplate options too.

In addition to the opportunity to personalise cardboard coffins, they also have many other benefits. They are of course more environmentally friendly than traditional wooden coffins, yet they provide a strong and sturdy alternative. Their environmental benefits go beyond their materials and manufacture. They also produce lower carbon emissions at the point of cremation.

You can be assured that when purchasing a cardboard coffin from Greenfield Creations, that it has been certified by the Federation of British Cremation Authorities. They also conform to the standards set by woodland burial sites, crematoriums and funeral homes.

To find out more about the coffins that Greenfield Coffins produces, please contact our team today.

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