Cardboard coffin – Bluebells in Ashridge – 3693

Cardboard coffin - Bluebells in Ashridge - 3693

Bluebells in Ashridge

Our Bluebells in Ashridge cardboard coffin features a highly evocative scene from the Ashridge Estate, a breath-taking 2,000 hectare area of woodlands and down lands lying within the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Now owned by the National Trust and open to the public for appreciation, the ancient woodlands are well-known for their vast carpets of bluebells in spring, the aspect featured on the base of our coffin design. The lid of the coffin is largely plain but features a heart shape formed of individual bluebell stems suitable for personalisation by adding the deceased’s name and other significant details, or perhaps a photograph.

The bluebell itself as a bloom is symbolic of humility and gratitude; and carries with it messages of everlasting love, making it a particularly expressive flower when used in the context of a funeral. A much-loved flower throughout the world, it is particularly held in high esteem in Britain, where spring days signify new beginnings.

The Bluebells in Ashridge cardboard coffin is, as with all our coffins, suitable for weights of up to 25 stone (163kg), and can be customised to your requirements. Suitable for both burials and cremations, the whole coffin, when personalised, will signify the love and esteem in which the departed is held in the minds and hearts of the mourners and help them remember the life rather than the death of their beloved friend or relative. Please do ring us for a chat if you would like to discuss any aspect of this pretty and traditional countryside design.

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