Cardboard coffin – Lavender – 3768

Cardboard coffin - Lavender - 3768

Lavender Heart Cardboard Coffin

With its airy blue skies and delicately rendered blooms, our lavender cardboard coffin is an uplifting and positive way for friends and relatives to bid farewell to their loved one. The base of the coffin is lined all around its bottom edge with a display of the fragrant lilac blooms blossoming in the wild while above it, the skies stretch heavenwards, symbolising eternity and the greater power of the universe. The lid features a detailed and accurate portrayal of a sprig of this pretty, life-affirming plant while above it, sits a heart-shaped floral outline suitable for a nameplate, photograph or other final message.

In the language of flowers, the lavender plant is most commonly thought to be symbolic of love, devotion and purity on the part of both the giver and the receiver. Among this evergreen shrub’s many benefits is its widespread use in traditional folklore and more modern aromatherapy as a calming, soothing or healing balm, said to offer a salve to grief, an easing of tension and promoting calmness and relaxation. Many people may, for instance, remember the soft, appealing scent of the lavender in the context of parents or grandparents.

Our lavender cardboard coffin as depicted will available for delivery within 72 hours of you placing your order or can be customised to your requirements – please do call us to discuss your wishes. We always aim to ensure that you are delighted with the end result, giving you peace of mind at what is always a difficult time.

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