Cardboard coffin – Lily 1 – 3905

Cardboard coffin - Lily 1 - 3905

Lily Cardboard Coffin

The lily is the flower most commonly associated with funerals and traditionally symbolises that the soul of the dearly departed has been restored to innocence after death. For our lily cardboard coffin, we have chosen to feature delicate pink hued blooms, which in flower language also send messages of the importance of friendship, of love and devotion. The images are of flowers in full bloom, complemented with crisp, green foliage and is feminine, tasteful and refined, with perfection in every petal. Flowers burst forth from various angles across the base and the lid of the casket, with two entwined blossoms as the focal point at the widest point of the coffin’s top, where there is also adequate space for the deceased’s name, photograph or other decorative additions.

Equally as fitting a tribute to young and old, to an avid gardener or to someone held in high regard as having been a genuine lady, this cardboard coffin like all our caskets is constructed to our highest standards from strong, multi-layered cardboard. It is suitable for a maximum load of 25 stone (163kg) and additional fixtures such as nameplates, carrying handles and liners can be chosen from our online array. Alternatively, you may have specific requests of your own to uniquely personalise this lily cardboard coffin for your dearly departed. Our friendly team is always ready to discuss your requirements to ensure that you are happy with the end result. Orders placed with us can usually be fulfilled within 72 hours.

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