Cardboard coffin – Poppy 1 – 3625

Cardboard coffin - Poppy 1 - 3625

Close Up Poppy Cardboard Coffin

While we have several poppy designs, this has to be one of our favourites. This particular poppy cardboard coffin is decorated with deep blue skies, bringing back memories of long, hot summer days. The base features a grassy meadow in which poppies bloom at will in their natural state, and one can almost see them nodding in the light summer breeze, while the sky is dotted with white, fluffy clouds. The lid is adorned with a close-up image of a single poppy in full bloom, captured perfectly against the backdrop of a cloudless azure sky.

Of course, the poppy is an international symbol of remembrance, and not only since it was adopted as the iconic image associated with soldiers who have lost their lives in battle since World War I. Its significance in commemorating departed souls goes way back to Ancient Greek times and perhaps earlier, when the poppy was given as an offering to the deceased and symbolised eternal and peaceful rest. It is therefore one of the most suitable and evocative flowers that could be featured in a funeral ceremony where we commit our loved one to their everlasting sleep.

The poppy cardboard coffin is lovingly constructed from extremely strong cardboard and can be used for weights up to 25 stone (163kg). Made to order as shown, the casket can be delivered to you within 72 hours or can be customised to your wishes. Please do call us to discuss any requirements– we aim to accommodate all requests.

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