Cardboard coffin – Roses – 3800

Cardboard coffin - Roses - 3800

Cut Roses Cardboard Coffin

The pure white background of our roses cardboard coffin provides the perfect contrast to the vibrantly coloured blossoms which adorn it. It features a selection of roses in full bloom in various colours, each hue sending a powerful message of its own. Red roses traditionally symbolise love and respect for the deceased, and the beauty and courage of the recipient of the flower; the two that are depicted entwined on the lid of this casket could be a message of true and eternal love from the partner left behind. The white roses along the side of the coffin’s base signal purity and innocence restored after death; while pink roses send deep sentiments of gratitude and appreciation, a ‘thank you’ for the significant contribution the deceased has made to the lives of those around them.

If your loved one was a keen rose gardener or simply a lover of England’s national flower, our roses cardboard coffin may be the ideal way to celebrate their life and mourn their passing. As one of the first companies in the UK to manufacture pictorial cardboard coffins, we have a wealth of experience and invariably pay meticulous attention to detail and quality. Each coffin is made to order and can be delivered within 72 hours of commissioning. There are also many options for customisation, in terms of a specially designed nameplate, for instance. Please do contact us with any queries, not least if you have a special request for a particular shape or design of coffin. We go to all lengths possible to assist.

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