Thursday, 22nd June 2017

15 of the most amazing funeral songs

The music played at a funeral is usually poignant and memorable. However, as traditions change, many people are opting for more modern and even fun or humorous tracks to be played at their funeral depending on their personal choice. The important thing to remember is that the music should reflect the personality of the deceased.

Whilst many people leave instructions and preferences for their funeral arrangements, some loved ones find themselves having to arrange everything without any guidance. We have therefore compiled a list of 15 amazing funeral songs from a variety of genres that might just help you find the perfect track.

As a word of advice, ensure you check with the church or crematorium which format they require the music to be in. Do they have a CD player or would they prefer the track on a digital device? They should be able to help and guide you.

Please also note that many artists may have covered the song suggestions below, so you can choose the most appropriate version of the song.

As well as the tracks we have listed below, there are of course a raft of hymns and classical options you can choose from if you would prefer a more religious or traditional service.


Classic / Traditional Tracks

Time to say goodbye             –           Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman

My way                                   –           Frank Sinatra

Wind beneath my wings         –           Bette Midler

Unforgettable                         –           Nat King Cole

You’ll never walk alone          –           Gerry and the Pacemakers

Tears in Heaven                      –           Eric Clapton


Modern Tracks

Thinking out loud                   –           Ed Sheran

Wasn’t expecting that            –           Jamie Lawson

My heart will go on                 –           Celine Dion

Angels                                     –           Robbie Williams

Over the Rainbow                  –           Eva Cassidy

Military Wives Choir               –           Wherever you are


Lighthearted Tracks (for those with a sense of humour)

Another one bites the dust    –           Queen

Running with the Devil           –           Van Halen

Highway to Hell                       –           AC/DC

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