Green Credentials of Greenfield Creations

Our Green Credentials

Made in the UK

Our cardboard coffins are manufactured in our factory in the East of England using a low resource manufacturing process. Unlike many coffins which are either imported, or the materials are imported, we are not stamping a large carbon footprint, our product and all the materials are manufactured in the UK.

70% less carbon emissions *

Less combustion fuel during the cremation process

Our cardboard coffins have less material, meaning they cremate with lower carbon emissions. Using corrugated cardboard, means less material and therefore less emissions released during their use.

Made from corrugated material containing 70% recycled content

Made from material sourced from sustainable sources (FSC)

70% less material than traditional coffins *

Manufactured from corrugated cardboard which is made from at least 70% post-consumer waste sourced from local mills. Our material supplier purchases any new fibre / wood pulp from reputable

 sources which conform to the forestry management and sustainability body FSC. They do not buy material from unidentified sources and as they are made from less material, there is less to burn or degrade, meaning less emissions.

Only trace amounts of glues and polymers

Corn starch glues are used during construction. We have engineered our coffin design to use minimal glues in the manufacturing process.

Recognised associations:

All our cardboard coffins have been tested and are approved for cremation and burial by the FFMA.

Most importantly, they conform to the highest standards required by Funeral Homes, Crematoriums and Woodland Burial sites.