Designer coffins in various colours and designs in Cardboard and Wood

Choose a Designer Coffin. Cardboard and Wood

At Greenfield Coffins we understand how difficult organising a funeral is. But worry not, our friendly team will help you through this difficult time. We have a wealth of experience and will answer the questions you have. We work extremely hard to put you at ease and help you choose the most suitable coffin.

The range of cardboard coffins are a great choice for those looking for an eco-friendlier option than some alternatives. Our coffins are accepted in all cemeteries, crematoriums and woodland burial sites across the UK.

Greenfield specialise in personalised coffins that can be designed with the parted soul in mind. It is possible to have a coffin printed with any design. The level of finish is superb and this is a wonderful option for those people that would like to go out in style. Often decorated with designs that reflect the life and interests of the departed, these designer coffins can be bright and colourful and are a wonderful way to both mourn and celebrate your loved one’s life.

Our team can assist you, so please ask and we will help make some suggestions towards your design, whether it’s personal photos, your own design or just an adaption of one of our own pictorial coffins, then leave the rest to us.

Once we have an idea about the kind of coffin design you want, we will produce a visual and email this to you within 24 hours for your approval or alteration. Once you’ve given us final approval, we’ll aim to deliver the personalised cardboard coffin to you within 72 hours.

(Please see further details about bespoke designs on our ‘Useful information’ page found on our ‘Home Page’ regarding how we charge for this service.)

Also as well as matching the coffin design, a bespoke design service is also available should you wish us to design something special or more personalised for your ash casket or scatter tube.

Bespoke Coffin

You can work directly with our experienced design team, to create your own unique personal picture coffin, in either wood or cardboard.

Floral Cardboard coffin bed of roses

Ash Caskets and Scatter Tubes

Matching ash caskets and scatter tubes are available in all styles of picture coffins. A bespoke design service is also available should you wish us to design either of these for you.