Saturday, 6th January 2018

5 Alternative ideas for Funerals

If you’re thinking ahead about leaving instructions for your own funeral or you find yourself having to organise the final send off for a loved one, you don’t have to follow the traditional format. There are more alternatives available than many people realise. We’ve listed 5 ideas here for your consideration.

1) Burial at Sea

Being laid to rest at sea isn’t just for those who served in the Navy. It is an option available to all. So, if you’re arranging a funeral for a sea loving loved one; maybe a sailor, fisherman or someone who enjoyed cruising on the open water, a burial at sea could be the most fitting send off. There are of course rules and regulations, as well as specific locations sea burials can take place. You would also need to find a company that offers a sea burial service and obtain a license, but if it’s something that appeals, then it’s certainly worth investigating.

2) Buried with Something you Love

Even if you choose to follow a traditional funeral service format, then are many ways you can make the service unique and personal. The deceased could be buried with something they loved – or even on or in something they loved! There was a funeral in America that involved the deceased being buried on his Harley Davison motorbike! Pictorial coffins are a great way to add a unique touch to a funeral whilst clearly displaying a person’s passions.

3) Non-Religious Funerals

It is often assumed that all funerals must take place in a church or crematorium and follow a religious format. This is not the case. There are now many organisations that can assist with organising a non-religious funeral. The deceased can still be honoured and their life celebrated but if they were not religious, it can be a more honest and fitting way to say goodbye.

4) Home Burial

Burial on private land in England and Wales (Scotland has its own regulations) is relatively straightforward and can provide a really personal funeral service too. There are of course restrictions and rules that must be followed, but the Environment Agency is a good place to start, to find out information regarding this option. For many people, being buried at home would provide the perfect resting place and an ideal spot for loved ones to visit in the privacy and peace of their own land.

5) Woodland Burial

The Woodland or Natural burial option is becoming increasingly popular, especially for those who are keen to protect, preserve and give something back to the environment. There are over 200 natural burial sites in the UK, but as with other alternative funerals, you must comply with certain guidance and regulations. An environmentally friendlier biodegradable cardboard coffin or similar is usually the preferred choice of casket for a ‘green’ burial like this.

Even if an ‘alternative’ funeral isn’t something you’d consider, personalising any sendoff is still important. A pictorial cardboard coffin provides a beautifully designed focal point for a funeral service, whilst celebrating the things that the deceased treasured most. Contact us to find out more.


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