Reasons to consider a cardboard coffin for a loved one
Thursday, 12th November 2015

Reasons to consider a cardboard coffins

There are many reasons why you might want to consider a cardboard coffin for a loved one.

Environmental Benefits of Cardboard Coffins

Many of our clients choose this alternative due to their own, or the deceased’s environmental commitments. If you strive to protect and value the environment in everyday life, then it should also be a consideration when life comes to an end. Our cardboard coffins are made from 75 per cent post consumer waste, all sourced here in the UK and therefore they provide many environmental benefits.

Personalise Your Coffin

Some of our clients choose a cardboard coffin due to the endless design options available. Our cardboard coffins can be made in any size and decorated with absolutely any design. Whether you choose a design from the hundreds that we have available, or create something using images and designs of your own, then we can guarantee the end result will look stunning, with a high quality finish.

A Cheaper Alternative

There is also the cost factor to consider. Traditional wooden coffins can be costly and our cardboard coffins offer a cost effective solution to many grieving families, easing the pressure at an already difficult time.

Cardboard coffins are strong, sturdy, approved by crematoriums and burial sites across the UK and give a more personal touch to any funeral. So, whatever your reasons for considering a cardboard coffin at this difficult time, contact us and let us help you choose the most suitable coffin for your loved one.

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