The Pork Chop Coffin...designed by Sam Carter
Tuesday, 9th October 2012

The Pork Chop Coffin…designed by Sam Carter

October 2012…

Sam Carter, who is currently working with us for his work experience, designed this ‘Pork chop’ coffin.

Sam, aged 16, is from Hedingham School, Essex and will spend 2 weeks working with us. He is following in the footsteps of Jonny Whitehead (our Design Studio Manager) who also started out with us on his work experience.

One of the teachers at Sam’s school mentioned Jonnys experience at Greenfield Creations and Sam decided to apply to us for his work experience.

Sam will work in all areas of our production plant and design studio during his time with us.

Sam is interested in art and design work but his passion for the future is ‘Game’ design. Playing computer games is a hobby of Sam’s. Sam describes his favourite computer game as: A world of blocks to build with, resources to gain and surviving the night, etc. This gave Sam the ideas for his coffin design.

Design inspiration…

Sam explains where the inspiration came from for his coffin design idea.

I was at home playing my favourite computer game and I was picturing a quiet walk through the forest under a clear blue sky. The sun was rising and as I was walking around I had a confrontation with a pig called ‘Pork chop’. This was how I created the idea for this coffin design…

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