Thursday, 1st December 2022

We have moved!

After nearly 20 years at our site in Ridgewell, we have moved into our new facility up the road in Linton. We had recently outgrown the Ridgewell site, and we needed more space to allow us to continue to grow at our current rate. Our new home has much more office space to cater to our growing design team. The new offices are already a hive of productivity, and they are going to be a great hub for the Greenfield Printing team.

By moving to a larger site, we are creating room for bigger teams, more technology and we are able to increase our fulfilment capabilities significantly. Having strong marketing is becoming increasingly important and we are poised to help our clients win over discerning customers. 

Investment in industry-leading technology is a massive part of our growth plan and our new Ridgewell site features state-of-the-art visualisation technology which is crucial in helping us take every client’s vision through the process from ideas to delivery. This investment in our new site, the latest technology and the best people means that we are better positioned to serve our clients with cost-effective, innovative solutions to their printing needs.

Our new space allows us to meet the more specialised needs of niche industries such as food and beverage packaging. Whilst we have been catering to these areas for a long time, our move to the Linton site gives us the opportunity to deliver further into these industries and support small, medium and large businesses to convey their branding to their consumers. 

This is a significant milestone in Greenfield Printing’s journey to lead the industry in quality, sustainability and client satisfaction. Being so close to our client Linton Kitchen and their delicious cakes is a definite

benefit of our new site too! Come and pay us a visit to see our busy new facility in action.

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