Cardboard coffin – Birds of Britain summer – 3749

Cardboard coffin - Birds of Britain summer - 3749

Birds of Britain in Summer

Our Birds of Britain cardboard coffin features some of Great Britain’s best loved and most recognised feathered friends. It pictures tiny birds such as the blue tit and the robin set against a backdrop of garden greenery on the base of the casket; while the blue skies on its lid provide the setting for the impressive and mighty bird of prey that soars majestically high above. There can hardly be a more popular or widespread activity than bird watching for pleasure, a pastime that can trace its roots back to the late 18th century, but which really rose into prominence with collectors of specimens in the Victorian era.

Today, conservation is closer to bird watchers’ hearts. When many of our native species are under threat, dedicated amateurs and professionals alike value the importance of our native British birds. If your loved one was a fond ‘birder’, then you may be tempted to reflect their interest as you say farewell to them with this eye-catching, detailed representation of just a few of our most beloved birds.

The Birds of Britain cardboard coffin is designed to bear weights of up to 25 stone (163kg) because of its robust construction from multi-layered, corrugated cardboard. The lid bears room for the inclusion of a nameplate or any other memento mourners may wish to add, such as a photo or personal message.  If you have any special request that will help capture the essence of your lost friend or relative, please do call and we will be happy to talk through the options.

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