Cardboard coffin – Bluebell 1 – 3949

Beautiful Bluebell Cardboard Coffin - 3949

Cardboard coffin – Bluebell 1 – 3949


Well-loved around the world and one of the UK’s favourite flowers, the bluebell is symbolic of humility and gratitude and has strong associations with constancy and everlasting love. This makes our bluebell cardboard coffin a popular design with those wishing to demonstrate their appreciation and affection for their loved one and all they achieved in their life. It is also a promise that they will be remembered with love.

The casket features lines of spring-flowering bluebells on its base, with corners decorated with sprig of this pretty flower. The focal point on the top of the coffin is a loosely-tied bunch of bluebells, with space above and below for a nameplate or other forms of personalisation. The whole is set on a background of fresh blue skies dotted with fluffy clouds, reminiscent of the spring days in which the bluebell flowers; and also a reminder that life, like the seasons, is ephemeral but filled with moments of joy and beauty.

Our designs are conceived with the intention of capturing the essence of your loved ones life and personality and give them the send-off they deserve; and our bluebell cardboard coffin is no exception. Every casket is produced to our own exacting standards and delivered within 72 hours of your order being placed with us. Our coffin can also be further customised according to your wishes. Simply call us to discuss your requirements and we will do all we can to accommodate them.

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