Cardboard coffin – Daffodils 2 – 3887

Cardboard coffin - Daffodils 2 - 3887

Host of Daffodils Cardboard Coffin

A host of golden daffodils, naturally, adorn our daffodils cardboard coffin. In the language of flowers, they carry with them messages of respect and esteem; and of joy and happiness in a life well lived. Immortalised by William Wordsworth in one of the nation’s favourite poems, they are also a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings – synonymous with hope in spring after a dark winter. In this way, we celebrate the life as well as mourn the death of our loved ones.A personalised design such as this enables friends and family members to give those who are left behind a glimpse into the deceased’s personality and character.

Our daffodils cardboard coffin is beautifully finished, teeming with images of daffodils growing as they do in the wild. They cover both the base and the lid of this casket, which is colourful and vibrant to lift the spirits on an otherwise sad day. The sturdily constructed cardboard coffin is suitable for weights of up to 25 stone (163kg). Each one of our coffins is designed to comply with all the relevant regulations for cemeteries, crematoriums and woodland burial sites across the UK, offering you peace of mind as you make your selection.

If you like the idea of daffodils but have a different style in mind, why not look at the other options we have available? Alternatively, our designers are more than happy to work with you to deliver a daffodils cardboard coffin constructed to your own unique requirements.

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