Cardboard coffin – Daffodils – 3737

Cardboard coffin - Daffodils - 3737

Daffodil Landscape Cardboard Coffin

Evoking memories of blue skies and sunny spring days, our daffodils cardboard coffin design will help you celebrate your loved one’s life fittingly and lift the mood as you lay them to rest. The pretty yellow dancing daffodils on our casket are traditionally seen as a symbol of hope, of esteem and of life after death. An abundance of daffodils are also a message signifying the joy and happiness your friend or relative brought to the world during their lifetime. The base of the casket features a sloping field prettily dotted with clumps of daffodils. The hill is topped by a Fen Fence, as if for passers-by to sit and contemplate the fine view beyond. The coffin’s lid shows a typical spring sky on a fine day, bright and blue but strewn with light clouds.

The top of the coffin has plenty of space for the addition of a customised nameplate. If you have a special memory or photo you would like reproduced on one of our cardboard coffins, do not hesitate to get in touch. Our design team will work tirelessly with you to ensure the end product is a proper and fitting tribute to your loved one.

If our daffodils cardboard coffin design strikes a chord, you can feel secure in your decision, as all of our coffins are approved for use at cemeteries, crematoriums and woodland burial sites across the country. Each casket is constructed in our factory in England from sturdy corrugated cardboard and will accommodate weights of up to 25 stone (163kg).


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