Cardboard coffin – Seaside sunset – 3789

Cardboard coffin - Seaside sunset - 3789

Seaside Sunset Cardboard Coffin

Our seaside sunset cardboard coffin beautifully depicts one of the wonders of nature, the setting sun illuminating the sky and painting the clouds a fiery red as it sinks gently but inexorably below the horizon. Whether it calls to mind happy memories of the past delights of holidays abroad or conjures up a favourite spot to sit and think when the day comes to an end, this coffin will lift the spirits and help to perfectly and stylishly complement any funeral send-off.

The scene carries a bigger message provoking philosophical thought: as the sun sinks on your loved one’s life and their time on earth comes to an end, there is the ultimate reassurance in knowing that life, like the endless motion of the waves, goes on. The powerful tides of the sea wipe the slate clean and leave your departed behind to rest in peace. The rich, glowing colours on our seaside sunset cardboard coffin will add light and warmth to an otherwise sad day, hopefully bringing a smile, albeit a wistful one, to mourners’ faces.

The addition of a nameplate, carrying handles and lining will not detract from this coffin’s environmental credentials, which are more eco-friendly than wooden ones in terms of being biodegradable if  buried or emitting lower carbon emissions – perfect for any friend of the earth. The coffin will bear weights of up to 25 stone (163kg) and, as seen, can be delivered within 72 hours. However, if you require any further customisation, please do contact us. We are always happy to help.

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