Cardboard coffin – Wild flower meadow – 3814

Cardboard coffin - Wild flower meadow - 3814

Wild Flower meadow Cardboard Coffin

What could be a more quintessentially English picture of a summer’s day than a meadow full of wild flowers? The tranquil scenes on our Wild Flower Meadow cardboard coffin will help by conveying a warm, calming and restful influence to any funeral proceedings. The coffin’s lid features a fine view of the meadow backed with centuries old trees, with a bright, sunny blue sky. The base of the coffin has a close-up view of the daisies, dandelions and clover flowers, amongst others, that proliferate in the right environment, when nature is allowed to run wild. The occasional butterfly can be spotted by those who look closely. This coffin is a beautiful and fitting tribute to anyone who loved open spaces in all their natural glory and who relished the great outdoors.

Our Wild Flower Meadow cardboard coffin is suited to bearing weights of up to 25 stone (163 kg) and can be fitted with load bearing natural rope handles if the family intends to carry the coffin themselves. There is ample room on the lid for a nameplate or other details to be affixed if desired without interfering with the picture. Why not take a look at the various options we have available for customisation of your loved one’s coffin as you or they would like? If you do not immediately see what you are looking for, please do ring and ask us – we are usually able to accommodate most requests and wishes or advise on alternatives.


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